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We are a unique dog training company.  We offer clients advanced programs that are unlike any others, giving dog owners and handlers alike, a unique experience that is set up to prepare them for anything ahead.

The opportunities Cameron has had to apprentice with and work for some of the most experienced trainers in the country uniquely prepared him to help usher in new modes of training owners and handlers, and dogs.

Cameron’s personal dogs have helped him understand both the challenges and joys others face with high energy and high drive dogs, and allows him to put a personal touch on all of the work he does with clients.

We look forward to working with you!


What People Say

—  Holly Palermo

"MC K9 has wonderful training tools that work. We would highly recommend Cameron to friends, which we have! Thanks for training our Golden Retriever, Sadie! I think we will keep her now ;)"


One-on-one Training

These training programs are for dog owners who want to be apart of the process from start to finish. These private lessons cover everything from problem behaviors, like jumping, puppy biting, running away from you, and nuisance barking to just name a few. As well as tackling basic and advanced obedience. We can reach specific goals you like to see with you and your dog. Also these one-on-one programs are designed to fit around your crazy schedule. 

Click here to check out our one-on-one programs.

Our Services

Our training services are based on creating a more sound  relationship for you and your dog. The first thing we do is establish who is the teacher and who is the student. once your dog knows they are the student and you are the teacher we can teach them how to listen and respond to commands through motivation based training. We also will teach your dog that their decisions matter. We want your dog to not only learn the concepts through food but do them with out food or rewards being present. Check out our One-on-one training programs or our Transformation academy programs!

Transformation Academy 

Like people dogs need a fresh start. When a dog leaves the setting of its past behavior and learns a new way it transforms into a new dog. The Transformation academy is for the family or individual who wants to be involved in their dog's training, but due to their active schedule, they need a little help with training. Imagine your beloved out of control dog retuning home being a more well-mannered, reliable, dog of your dreams. Responding to every command you say even in heavy distractions and all the unwanted behaviors you hated gone. Click here to check out our different transformation academy programs.


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