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Welcome to MC K9 Training Site.

If you’re here I’m betting it’s because you’ve got a dog at home who is awesome.  Your dog has a fun personality, is a great friend, and is a wonderful addition to your family.

But I’m also betting that your dog has certain behaviors that you wish were different.

And, if you’re like most of our clients, I’m guessing that you’ve been trying lots of stuff to help your dog’s behavior improve.

You’re probably checking out Youtube videos on dog training, you’ve probably asked that friend or uncle who knows a lot about dogs what they would do, you’ve been online looking for help, you’ve maybe even tried different training collars or harnesses or other things like that.

And I know some of you have even gone to other local dog trainers here in the Houston area already.

But you’re still here on this page because SOMETHING is missing.

If what I’m saying rings a bell the first thing I want to tell you is…

9G4A3601 (1).jpg


You’re a great dog owner!  (Bad dog owners don’t invest time and money into dog trainers like you’re about to do)

And it’s not your fault!

Why do I say this?

Because dog training is hard!

If it was easy, everyone would have a trained dog and I wouldn’t have a job.  

But MOST people don’t have really well trained dogs and MOST dog owners wish their dog’s behavior could improve.

So where does that leave you when you’ve tried a bunch of stuff and you absolutely LOVE your dog but STILL need better behavior?

Well, that’s where our Texas 12 Step and Transformation Academy come in.

Now, hear me out…

Because as a dog owner in the Houston area you have a TON of options for trainers.

So WHY should you consider us?

I could tell you some simple ones.

Our Texas 12 Step and Transformation Acade
my include things that other dog trainers just aren’t doing.

For example, we offer Lifetime Legacy Group Sessions after your main training is done.

This means you get access to us for the life of your dog even YEARS after your training to make sure you can always stay on top of the training and always have us in your corner.

No other dog trainers are doing that.

As you probably already know, great dog training isn’t cheap.  But we offer payment plans to make it doable for just about any budget.

No other dog trainers are doing that.

And we’ve got a dog training system that is so honed in that we’re able to offer guarantees on your training.


No other dog trainers are doing that.

Those are just a few of the things we do differently and they’re pretty important…

But that’s not even the MAIN reason why our program is different.

You see, there ARE a lot of talented dog trainers in the Houston area. 

But the way dog trainers work is they tend to value talent over process.

What that means is they’re good at the skill of training dogs.  So they’ll show up for an appointment with a dog owner and just observe the setting and say, “okay, today we’ll work on this and this and this.”

And then they do that for the next session and the next.

There’s no process to it, they’re just reading what’s going on in the moment.

And what it does is produce WILDLY varying results.

Some dog owners get great results but others end up with a hodge podge of mixed results.

We saw this problem in the industry and recognized that the dog owners we worked with time and time again wanted four things:

On leash control.

They wanted to be able to go on a walk in the neighborhood and have it be enjoyable.

They want to go to the farmer’s market without the dog acting foolish.  They want to politely walk into a pet store or vet’s office and know their dog won’t be the one making them embarrassed with bad behavior.


 Great manners.

Our clients were the kind that wanted to get rid of jumping, nipping, chewing, digging, potty accidents, bad door manners, whining, barking, and more.


Off leash control

Our clients were the ones who wanted to go to the park and have their dogs off leash and listen to them.  

They want to go to the lake, go on a hike, or just be in their front yard with the dog off the leash and KNOW their dog will listen.

9G4A3843 (2).jpg

Calm and balance.

 And, finally, our clients were the kind who wanted a dog who has mental balance.  In other words, helping dogs work through aggressive behaviors, reactivity, anxiety, separation anxiety, and more

So we realized…

We can picture this beautiful end goal, it doesn’t make sense to just ‘wing it’ every time with each new client dog.

For that reason we created the Texas 12 Step and the Transformation Academy.

The Texas 12 Step is a private training program and the Transformation Academy is a board and train option.

Now, every dog IS different.  Every owner is different, every home is different.

This is the reason why we like to do an evaluation with each dog and owner before getting into which program is better, what pricing may be, what the timeline would look like, etc.

But because we have this end goal in sight we were able to create a PROCESS that is duplicatable, that any dog owner can do with any dog, and we can see reliable, predictable results…

…no matter the age, no matter the breed, no matter the problems.

I’d love to invite you to learn more about our programs to see if they’re the solution you’re looking for with your dog.


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