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Welcoming a New Puppy: DOs and DONTs

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Did you add a puppy to the family this Christmas? Let's talk about the DOs and DONTS of puppy training!

P U P P I E S !

I love puppies because I get to mold how my new pup turns out. Yes, genetics has big role, but that’s a different discussion. With it being a few days after Christmas, I thought I’d share my dos and don’ts of training a new puppy. A lot of people think it’s a good time to gift a puppy or get one during the holidays, and it is if you know what you’re getting into! Before taking the plunge and purchasing a new pup, know that you are taking on a 10-15 year commitment. You’re going to need a lot of patience and consistency. Also, take it slow. A lot of people try to rush through the first year of their dog's life. You can save yourself so much time and frustration if you start early and fix unwanted behaviors now vs when your puppy becomes an adult.


DOs and DONTs

* Limit your pup's freedom vs giving them free roam of the house

A lot of people expect their puppy to act like their old adult dog - which isn’t the case it’s a puppy. Your new pup is going to find things to do if let unattended in a new space. Also, if you’re working on house breaking, you definitely want to have your eyes on the pup at all times; If you can’t, the pup should be kenneled.

* Putting your puppy in the kennel while you’re home vs letting them stick to you 24/7

Having your pup glued to your hip can increase the chances that your dog develops separation anxiety. If you give your puppy 30 to 60 minutes of alone time with a chew or Kong, it will help them learn it’s okay to be alone.

* Using a portion of their food to train vs giving them food freely

Giving your puppy food freely will help your puppy view you as their food source over a food bowl. It also starts to build a positive relationship with your and your pup.

* Focusing on the relationship aspect with you and your puppy vs letting them say hello to everyone and every dog

If your goal is to bring your dog everywhere, you want them to obey and listen in every situation, so I recommend teaching your pup to focus on you in every environment. I’m not saying your pup can’t meet or hang out with other dogs. Just remember, dogs are man's bestfriend for a reason!

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