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Hey Texas Puppy Owners!

Owning a puppy is great!  Right?

I hope you’re laughing out loud with me because I sure think owning a puppy is great.

But it’s also a TON of work.

And if you’re not ready for it it’s WAY more work.

And if you’re doing certain things wrong it’s even MORE work.
Now, let me maybe save some of your time…

You can go anywhere and find cheap puppy training in some group class at a pet store or shelter.
And nothing against that cheap puppy training, but if all you’re looking to do is get your puppy to sit for a treat or lie down for a treat, we may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

Dog owners across Texas bring their puppies to us because they have bigger goals.

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

They want to go places with their dog.  They want to have fun.

They want a dog that can reliably listen ALL THE TIME.


Our puppy owning clients want to go on nice walks in the neighborhood with their pup.  


They want to do fun things like maybe hit up a farmer’s market or pet store.


They want to be able to take their dogs with them when they go places around town and know their dog is going to listen.


Some of them are into outdoors stuff and want to take their dog fishing or hiking or camping.


Some are more about the city life with outdoor cafes and trips into pet friendly stores.

And everyone wants their puppy to listen really well at home.

They don’t want to be embarrassed by a dog who is jumping all over guests or destroying or peeing all over the house or being unruly.

You see…ALL of that is FAR more than what you’re going to get from a cheap puppy training course.

So if you’re looking for just those basics, I’m going to point you to the pet store.

But if you’re looking for something that will allow you to have an amazing dog who can go anywhere and be a great dog in the real world then we should talk.

We aren’t cheap.

We’re going to ask you to put in some work.

But if you start your puppy with us then the next 10-15 years with your dog can be pretty darn awesome.


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