Welcoming Your New Puppy, The Right Way!

June 22, 2017



            Adding a new puppy to the family can be an exciting time. When it comes to adding a new four-legged family member, remember to do your homework. If you’re getting a certain breed do the research on the breed and stay in touch with the breeder because they will be able to tell you the most about your puppy. If you’re getting one from a rescue ask the foster or rescue about the puppy you are getting.

            Now before you bring home your new addition to the family, it’s important to prepare your living space, and get the equipment you will need. For equipment, I recommend getting two crates, a wire crate and a plastic airline crate and even an x-pen. You don’t have to but its more convenient than dragging one crate around the house. You will want a collar, 4ft and or 6ft leash and an adjustable harness. I also would get chewing and teething items such as raw frozen bones, bully sticks, and stuffed/frozen kongs etc. Lastly, enrichment toys like treat dispensers, chew toys, and jolly balls etc. help keep your puppy busy when they’re alone. Most people will baby proof but won’t puppy proof their house. Remember it’s a puppy and it won’t know that the china set on the dining room table is a gift passed down from generation to generation. Or that the cables dangling from the tv or computer are not supposed to be chewed on. Go around the house and hide cables, put away breakables, block spaces, etc. Also, if you have a yard decide where you want in the yard for your puppy to go the bathroom.

            When setting up your house you want to make sure you can flow in and out quickly especially when you’re housebreaking. Place a wire crate in the family room so the puppy feels included with the family but not out getting into trouble. Put your plastic airline crate in a room away from the family such as laundry room or study. This will help teach your puppy to be by its self and help prevent separation anxiety. You can also place a blanket over to help as well. Setting up an x-pen can also be beneficial because its freer than a crate, and the puppy will feel more part of the family unit. Keep in mind that your puppy will need to learn to be calm in the x-pen so don’t put it in there when it is being active. Make sure you are watching your puppy when they are in an x-pen cause if they learn to escape it you will never be able to keep it in one again!

            In a summary, make sure you get all the equipment you will need before you bring your puppy home. Make sure there is good flow to getting your puppy out of the crate and out the door to go to the bathroom. Figure out where you want the puppy to go to the bathroom if you have a yard. Keeping your puppy calm in the house will teach him to be calm as he gets older. If you’re letting your puppy play outside and inside they won’t know how to shut it off. Lastly, make sure you give your puppy time to be alone. If you always have your puppy by your side it will never know how to self sooth so giving it time alone throughout the day will help prevent separation anxiety. If you have any questions please feel free to comment!



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